ARRIS Electric Heated Vest Size Adjustable 5V USB Warm Vest For Outdoor Camping Hiking

ARRIS Electric Heated Vest Size Adjustable 5V USB Warm Vest For Outdoor Camping Hiking

Item# XA0017
USD $79.99

This electric heating vest is unisex and the size is adjustable. Even in the cold winter, it is extremely hot with electric heaters! It is very active in outdoor sports and cold weather driving, motorbike driving, walking and outdoor work etc. With versatile USB connector, mobile battery and USB power supply can be used convenient!

Size: One for All (from M to XXL), better to wear under a jacket. Suitable for man, women and boys and girls. 
Waist Size: 115-130cm (45 - 51inch)
Power supply system: Powered by a 5V/2.1A power bank, USB plug is compatible with most power bank in the market. (battery not included),
Application: Unisex
Material (lining): Breathable mesh cloth
Operating time: 2-10 hours (Operating time is different depending on the power bank and set temperature.)

Package Includes:
1 x 5V USB Charged Size Adjustable Heated Softshell Vest
1 x Instructional Manual 

How to Use:
1. Plug the power cord in your garment`s pocket into the power bank (Please prepare your own power bank). 
2. Turn on the power bank by pressing the power button (Note: the 3-way switch on the vest will flash red, green, blue in turn at the same time). 
3. Press the 3-way switch on the vest for 3-5 seconds, red LED will be on, now the heating system on the vest starts to work. 
(Sometimes, when press the 3-way switch, red LED will be not on, while flashing, please don`t worry, this means the heating system is in self-inspecting. We can just do the following step: Press the 3-way switch in turn (red-green-blue-red), then it will work again. )
4.  Press the 3-way button switch to adjust the temperature: 
Red for Very High (80℃) 
Green for High (70℃) 
Blue for Medium (60℃) 
Red + blue for Low (50℃)  
Green + Blue for Pre-heat (40℃)