Assembling Fees

Assembling Fees

Item# HW-AF
USD $10.00

In order to provide more professional and personalized service to RC model lovers, offers assembling helicopters and quadcopters. You can do it according to the following two ways:

  1. Add the proper products into cart (such as the helicopter, radio, receiver and etc), and then click the link of " Assembling copters " to add the assembling fees to cart, and pay for them. You can leave comments or write emails to tell us your requirements for assembling the helicopter or quadcopter. (Through this way, the shipping might be a little high; we will calculate the shipping according to the final weight of the parcel, and refund the extra shipping to you.)
  2. You can tell us the configuration and other the requirements for assembling the helicopter / quadcopter through email, Skype or MSN. We will calculate the final price for you and inform you to pay for it.


  1. Our techinician who assembles the helicopters and quadcopters has more than 5 yeary flying experience. After assembling the helicopter/quadcopter, he will adjust the settings the test them to insure the quality before we send them out.
  2. It takes about one day or two to assemble one helicopter or quadocpter.
  3. The assembling fee is $10 for one helicopter or quadcopter
  4. Due to the limitation of the packing and delivery ,we only offer assembling 450 class and under helicopters and quadcopters now. For example,
    Trex 250 RTF, Trex 450 RTF, Tarot 450 RTF and DJI 450 RTF. You can find some RTF on our website for reference.