DV-007 Video Recorder

DV-007 Video Recorder

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Directions for use

  1. 1.Switch ON/OFF: turn on (ON) and shut down (OFF)
  2. 2.Select DV video recording by the function key: the blue light will flash (video recording is started) if pressing the round button once; pressing it twice will stop the flashing of blue light (video recording is stopped and the video is stored)
  3. 3.Select REC for sound recording by the function key:switch on DV-007 directly, and start sound recording as soon as the yellow light begins to flash; switch to DV by the function key to stop sound recording and store the sound, while sound recording is started again when switching to REC.
  4. 4.SD card: insert ID card according to the ID insertion diagram of DV-007, the SD card whose capacity is no more than 8G is allowed.
  5. 5.Charging: charging is started when inserting the USB interface into a computer; switching off DV-007 will enable charging to be finished more quickly; the red light is shut down when charging is finished.
  6. 6.USB connection: in the mode of DV, DV-007 will appear as a U disk in computer through USB connection, and a direst access to its content is allowed. In the mode of REC, access to its content is forbidden (online upgrade of extended function is reserved)


Main features

Resolution: 640*480; stable follow shot; real AVI-format files with good recording effect, can be played by any video player. When the battery is exhausted, the video/sound in recording will be stored automatically before shutdown, no worries about data lost.


Product parameters

1. Size: 72mm * 20mm * 11mm

2. Weight:19g

3. Storage:small SD card / T-FIASH (2~8G)

4. Battery:built-in 300mAh lithium battery, 2-hour battery life for each charging

5. Resolution:640 480

6. Recording format: AVI

7. Video file:approx. 25MB per minute

8. Video file time: 1 hour for the 2G SD card (included)

If DV-007 fails to conduct video recording or sound recording normally, please check the following items:

  • 1.Direct shutdown after recording
  • 2.Memory full
  • 3.SD card is not inserted or in poor contact with DV-007
  • 4.Low battery