FPV 2.4G/5.8G Wireless All-in-one Wireless Goggle Video Glasses

FPV 2.4G/5.8G Wireless All-in-one Wireless Goggle Video Glasses

USD $529.00

FPV 2.4G/5.8G Wireless all-in-one Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses

We stuff everything for FPV into this tiny goggle including 1x2.4G 8CH rx ,1x5.8G CH rx , anti-drift headtrack, 2x none-blue(black) professional FPV monitor 640x480.
antenna sockets, brightness , contrast, and volume adjusting buttons, also build in av in and out make it possible for many many other applications.

Product details:
-Compatible transmitters (the transmitter for RC model, not the video transmitter):
-FUTABA FF-7, FF-8, FF-9, T9Z, T12MZ and T14MZ.
* Other types transmitter may not supported.
* there are two different colors, black and silver, we will send in random based on stock availability

AIO (integration) FPV dedicated video glasses video glasses, developed specifically for FPV and aerial enthusiasts FPV enthusiasts dream. The glasses with 920,000 pixels, field of view angle of 32 degrees, not only a huge screen size, and quality Ruili clear. Simply has this feature, it's just a good performance of the ordinary video glasses, there can be no professional, but let me see it unique:

Professional surveillance features screen, wireless video signal when snowflakes screen. This is a very important point, because almost all the market's video glasses wireless video signal weaker when will black screen or blue screen, this is the video to fly a plane pilots simply deadly, and a display monitor features bad signal not black or blue screen, or allow pilots to clearly see the current state, to ensure flight safety.

Flexible power management. Supply a very wide range of video glasses can work from 8-13V, power consumption 300ma, coach port powered directly through the remote control without the need for external power. Of course, there are also independent power jack is available for selection.

Built-in 2.4G 8 channel video receiver. Reliable the 2.4G transmission of video performance and image fidelity, distance, 8-channel receiver to give players more choice, can people used together.

Built-in 5.8G 8 channel video receiver. 5.8G video transmission performance, reliable, good image fidelity, far away from the 8-channel receiver to give players more choice, people are used together. More valuable is the the 5.8G video is the possibility of interference is very small, so give the players a better driving simulation experience.

Built-in head movement tracker. Design advanced head movement tracker can players head movement perceived displacement signal reflected by the remote control on the head, in order to achieve the movement of the head and the movement of the camera synchronization with a similar armed helicopters "Apache" helmet sight effect. Once positioned in the use of the process, there will never be any neutral point drift over the market finished the effect of all the movement of the head tracker.

Support AV input and AV output. AV input is the most basic functions of video glasses, video glasses with AV output function is rare. FOXTECH FPV dedicated video glasses AV output not only can be used as an external recording device or the second display port as a headphone jack, you can also listen to exciting engine sound aircraft.

Diverse settings menu. Glasses through the built-in menu and knob set, main set include: 2.4G or 5.8G receiver choice, head movement tracker mapping channel settings, sensing range, size, etc.. Outside a few keystrokes can directly adjust the brightness and contrast of the glasses, easy to adapt to a variety of lighting conditions.

Package Includes:
1 x video glasses
1x eye patches
1 x AV connection cables
1 x 2.4G antenna
1 x 5.8G antenna
1 x data cable
1 x JST to DC cable

* There is no printed manual come with this product, download the english manual here. http://www.himodel.com/manual/all-in-one_goggle.pdf

1 x 2.4G / 5.8G video transmitter
1 x video camera
1x earphone