ARRIS X180 FPV Racing Drone RTF With F3 Flight Controller + HD Camera + Radiolink AT9 Transmitter

ARRIS X180 FPV Racing Drone RTF With F3 Flight Controller + HD Camera + Radiolink AT9 Transmitter

Item# CA0004US
USD $289.00

X180 is the latest and smallest drone of ARRIS X-SPEED series,the wheelbase is 180mm.

The frame is very simple and strong, and it is also easily repaired.The assembled drone`s weight (without battery) is 305g. Meanwhile, X180 frame is made of carbon fiber materials.

X180 has pretty simply wring method, with all wires hidden inside the frame, which could not only reduce all kinds of wiring mess, but also effectively protect cables and electronic components assembled on it.

Comparing with the 210 and 250 drone, the wheelbase of X180 is smaller, but the power couldn`t be weakened. X180 equipping with the latest ARRIS Falcon 30A ESC, it can offer better power output and faster response.

X180 comes with ARRIS 2205 2600kv brushless motor and ARRIS Falcon 30A ESC, so it has a perfectly performance.

X180 is designed with lower CG and the battery installing plate is sunken which makes the installed battery is in horizontal with the camera. Such kind of design ensures beautiful appearance, reduces the wind resistance and at the same time, the lower CG design will make the racer be more agile when doing the 3D rolling.

With the adjustable camera angle, pilot can adjust the angle of the camera to obtain the best angle simply and conveniently.

X180 use the more popular and effective F3 flight controller.

X180 is assembled with the latest ARRIS 4in 2-blade propeller, which can perfectly work with the 2205 motors. With this setup, the X180 would have better performance. We joked that this ARRIS 4in propeller should have let us cry, because it is too strong to damage, even after a heavy crash, it is still the same, no bent, no broken. What can we say? This will save customers much on purchasing the spare propellers.

X180 has pre-installed with a 5.8g 200mw video transmitter, featuring strong signal transmission and long distance transmission.

X180 has integrated with a remote controller battery warning buzzer, pilot can set the threshold (adjustable) according to CF parameter-adjustment software. In addition, you can also locate your racing drone through triggering the buzzer with the switch D on the transmitter.

Self-level mode is the easiest to fly, because when you leave the stick at the centre and not controlling it, your drone just level itself and stays there. But Most advanced pilots would tell you they fly in Acro mode ALL THE TIME. Here are some of the advantages of Acro mode.
Manual mode is useful for acrobatics such as flips or rolls, or FPV when smooth and fast control is desired.

RadioLink AT9 9-Channel 9CH 2.4GHz Transmitter + R9D Receiver.The AT9 radio is with high performance-price ratio. And it can support strength, receiver voltage monitored, extending battery voltage, temperature, motor RPM, GPS etc.  

This package includes :
1 X ARRIS X180 Racing Drone kit
1 X RadioLink AT9 9-Channel 9CH 2.4GHz Transmitter 
1 X RadioLink R6D Receiver
1 X F3 Flight Controller 
4 X ARRIS 2205 2600KV 
4 X ARRIS Falcon 30A ESC 
4 X ARRIS High Quality 4050 2-Blade Propeller
1 X 600TVL Camera 
1 X 5.8G Antenna
1 X ARRIS Mini Power Distribution Board
1 X 5.8G 200mW Video TX
1 X Battery Warning Buzzer
2 X ARRIS Battrey Strap

What you need to build a Ready to Fly Racing Drone (Not included):
3S 1500 - 2200Mah or 4S 1300-1500mah Li-Po battery
Battery charger 
FPV Monitor or Goggle