ARRIS 15in 15x40 Carbon Fiber Propeller for DJI S800
ARRIS 15in 15x40 Carbon Fiber Propeller for DJI S800

ARRIS 15in 15x40 Carbon Fiber Propeller for DJI S800

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SIGMA Carbon Fiber Propeller Prop CW/CCW
high-effeciency wing, low noise, long flight time, compatible with DJI S800

Code: P1540CS
Name: Multi-axis Aircraft Specially used 15inch Carbon Fiber Propellers (positive and negative)
Specification: 15 x 4.0
Material: 3K carbon fiber material (Japan imported)
Configuration: 1 pair (one positive and one negative)
Central Base Thickness: 3.0mm
Central Hole Diameter: 4.0mm (unchangeable)
Fixed Screw Hole Dia.: 3.0mm
Fixed Screw Centre Pitch: 12mm
Wheelbase of Adaptation: 600mm-900mm
Matching Motor: 350KV-850KV
Color: Black
Weight: 17g

SIGMA multi-axis aircraft used carbon fiber propellers are designed and processed by a group of practised person. Use of Japan imported 3K carbon fiber material endow these carbon fiber propellers with many advantages, such as good-quality, high-performance, high-strength, etc, besides, in weight-control field and dynamic balance control field, the SIGMA propeller has absolutely big lead, which can satisfy the requirment of multi-axis aircraft aerial photography purpose. Due to the use of Japan imported 3K carbon material, the structure is not likely to be out of shape, greatly improve the work effeciency and avoid propeller breaking in the air.

SIGMA P1540CS carbon fiber propeller adopts plane-lock installing method, capable of making propeller be level. Pefectly compatible with DJI S800!
SIGMA P1540CS carbon fiber propeller has same wing shape with original S800`s, but increased many composite materials inside, so it has better performance in Symmetric stiffness, dynamic balance and effeciency!
This carbon fiber blades could not be installed on brushless motor fixed with tranditional motor rotor grips.

Advantages of Such Carbon Fiber Blades:
- light weight
- great dynamic balance
- high strength, good rigidity
- fast response speed
- has smooth surface
- high effeciency
- low noise
- Japan imported 3K carbon material